Friday, August 14, 2009

CJ Car Scratcher

So…this Asian guy, CJ (or if you speak Chinese, Chin Wong Joon) backs into Lexi’s car in the cleaner’s parking lot. Dang it! She knew she had been avoiding the stupid cleaner’s for a reason. After an exchange of contact information (including a phone number dialed on the spot to make sure it was legit), and a signed statement from ol’ CJ explaining the “run-in”—hey, it’s what her dad always told her to do—she left the scene. Lexi then gets a random text that states, “I’m really sorry and whenever u figure it out just letting me know ASAP”. Not recognizing the number, Lexi asks who it is. A reply comes—“I made a scratch on your car”. Ol’ CJ came through and was turning out to be a decent guy after all. However, Lexi did save him as “CJ Car Scratcher” in her phone, just to be safe. Hey CJ, thanks for the laughs. You’re so funny/awesome that she’s not even mad at you.

You might be wondering why we haven’t blogged lately. Remember, people—we’re busy girls! Darby and Lexi are now on the road again (cue the Willie Nelson song)—headed to the river for a fun-filled bachelorette party weekend. ::BUM, BUM, BUM::……Another one bites the dust!:: Just kidding Stephanie…we are so excited for you and are looking forward to having a blast this weekend! Our car is loaded down with all types of unmentionables to provide for an entertaining party; one to be sure Stephanie will never forget. A house right on the river filled with 15 girls—we’re sure to get a decent story out of this for our avid readers—all 2 of you (thanks Mom).

Sooo…since we’re on the topic of bachelorettes…here’s a question posed by our other reader. What happens when one of you girls gets a boyfriend? The answer: nothing really changes. We will still be close. We will still be fun. And we will still be awesome. The only catch—we will just be a little busier. Increase the hours of fun in our day (Sorry work or sleep, one of you is going to suffer :-). Let’s face it—what man wouldn’t want to hang out with all three of us?! I mean, what a pimp daddy! We’re a package deal—you get one of us, you get all 3 of us. Whether that’s good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. The real challenge will be trying to find some men who can keep up. :-) Know any?

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