Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're cute, but we ain't fancy!

(11:00 pm 7/31/09) Green beans and moldy bread? Yep. You read that right. Because we’re 3 single girls and sometimes we eat green beans for dinner….and maybe a piece of bread if we have any that’s not moldy. Don’t kid yourself thinking we’re healthy or something, sometimes it’s all we have in the pantry and a trip to the grocery store is out of the question. As a matter of fact, we ate chips and queso tonight for dinner—with a glass of wine to make it classy (no real wine glass necessary).

Over a few too many green beers (2 beers…more on that later) at Carney’s on St. Patty’s day, this portion of the adventure began. We decided to take a girl’s trip to Ruidoso, NM. It had to be planned 4 months in advance because we couldn’t find a common free weekend between us. We’re busy! Life as a single woman isn’t as easy as it sounds. I mean, there are only so many hours in the day.

Many of our conversations revolve around whether we will ever be able to take care of anyone other than ourselves. We work full time and play full time. When will we fit in someone who actually depends on us? We have balance in life…8 hours of work, 8 hours of play, 8 hours of sleep = 24 hours in a day.

So…where are we now? You might have some trouble keeping up with us. We’re sitting on the porch of a cabin we’re renting for the weekend (thanks Buzz and Kim :-). The weather is amazing! 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We’re drinking wine, wearing sweats (no makeup) and talking. What more could a woman ask for?

Are you wondering who we are and why you should keep reading? We are true girlfriends who have been known to have too much fun together. Darby is the planner (we’re talking OCD here) and she calls a spade a spade. Lexi is the patient, caring and indecisive one—she prefers we call her easy going. She’s everything Jeanie and Darby aren’t :-). Jeanie is feisty and stubborn—we’ll just call her a spitfire. Our paths crossed in graduate school (maybe at a bar?) and the town hasn’t been the same since. We’re independent, creative, fun, simple, funny, busy (see our schedulers), hard working, sincere, driven, smart, beautiful, optimistic, giving, blessed, adventurous, small town girls. We volunteer in the community, go to church on Sunday mornings—even after only 4 hours of sleep, and we LOVE happy hour. Who can say no to dollar margaritas or half-price bottles of wine? We’re daughters, sisters, good friends, Christians, professionals….well, at least between the hours of 8-5, travelers, dreamers, and genuinely happy with life—lemons and all, as long as the vodka is within reach :-).

We do what we say we’re gonna do….even if it means juggling multiple engagements in one evening. When we aren’t laughing together, we laugh at ourselves (or maybe at you). We live life to the fullest and we want you to join us on our journey.

Ok….that’s as serious as we’re gonna get. The weather is still amazing and we’re still drinking wine—surprised? There is a chick flick waiting for us and we have to get our beauty sleep if we’re going to make an appearance at the Jockey Club tomorrow. The horse races are calling our names. Do you think we should wear a fancy hat? Maybe we should settle for a lamp shade. We’re cute, but we ain’t fancy!


  1. Nice background for a bunch of great ladies!

    So fun...

  2. Beaucoup de sunglasses in that photo

  3. Cute blog! I think you need an entire blog about Lexi's chocolate donuts! Darby's chapstick! And Jeanie's down-home cook'n (the girl can cook)! Love you ladies!!

  4. What an awesome combo of everything that is good and fun in life! Keep on living the good life and most certainly, keep on blogging! Luv you all!

  5. I'm patiently waiting for more "education".